General Sales Conditions

General terms of sale and delivery
The present general terms of sale define the contractual relationship:


Shaston AG,

Corporation with the capital of CHF500'000, whose head office is located in CH-2720 Tramelan, Switzerland, registered at the Trade register of the canton of Berne under the number CH-, on behalf of, the website for XXSIM products,



Any natural or legal person visiting or carrying out a purchase on the site for him-/herself or a third party, hereafter called “the Customer”;


Customer: natural or legal person buying or acceptING to buy products;
Conditions: present general terms;
Confirmation of order: written by Shaston AG by e-mail to the customer order;
Price: total obligation for the product(s) owed by the customer to Shaston AG
Product: international SIM card which makes it possible to call at a reduced price worldwide.

Field of application
The conditions apply to all the contracts of product sales by Shaston AG with the customers. The conditions exclude all other conditions except contrary conventions written by Shaston AG. Any order of products is regarded as an offer of the customer to buy such products in accordance with the conditions. Shaston AG accepts the purchase offer of the customer according to the conditions by emitting a confirmation of order to the customer. The customer must check the confirmation of order and immediately warn Shaston AG if it detects an error, in the absence of what, Shaston AG will deliver the product in accordance with the order confirmation which will be taken.

Business between Shaston AG and the customer are managed exclusively by the delivery terms hereafter. The general terms are presented in three languages, the French version is taken in the event of difference of contents or interpretation.

Products of the website are delivered after reception of the payment. It is necessary to roughly count 1 to 2 days for Switzerland and roughly 2 to 5 days for the rest of the world. Shaston AG can not be held responsible for the delays of delivery and does not confirm any time. The product is sent by simple post, without insurance.

The customer is itself responsible him-/herself for the use of the products. All technical information, data and dimensions do not constitute a guarantee of Shaston AG concerning of the specific properties. Shaston AG does not take any responsibility for the possible transmission and printing errors. This is valid in particular for the consecutive damage and the resulting costs.

All the prices are indicated in euros. They are posted without VAT. The delivery charges are included in the selling price. All our articles are sold within the limit of stocks available and we reserve the right to limit the ordered quantities.

In the event of sale on invoice, all our prices are calculated Net. Our invoices must thus be paid without any delay. In the event of non-observance of this deadline for payment, our company has the right to take an interest arrears of 7%.

Except contrary stipulation, the guarantee relating to all the offered products on the website is 12 months. The invoice and the date of invoicing are taken as guarantee. A copy of invoice will have to accompany each return of defective material. Excluded of the liability are the damages rising from a modification or a repair by the customer, or making following wear, an emergency like with the non-observance of the instructions of service.

Claims and return:
The claims must be notified within a period of 14 days as from the date of invoicing, otherwise the delivery is seen as accepted. The articles currently being reproduced on the website can be returned over within a period of 14 days as from the date of invoicing.

The following conditions are applicable:

In the event of non-observance of these conditions, a corresponding deduction will be applied.

The customer will be able to find all the policies of Shaston AG in connection with XXSIM, the details and information on the product on the site.

The present convention is governed by the Swiss laws. The parties acknowledge the exclusive competence of the canton of Berne. The Convention of Vienna on the international sale contracts of goods is not applicable. If part of the conditions is declared worthless by a court, the validity of the remaining provisions of the conditions will not be affected. All the communications must be made in writing and sent to the legal person in charge of each party, to the address appearing in the invoice.

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